Friends of Margaret’s Village Striving for a Better Chicago

The Margaret’s Village annual fundraising event and honoree celebration was held on Thursday, Sept. 28 to acknowledge four very special individuals for their commitment to our mission to provide a transitional home for women, children and families and offer experiences to help them transform their lives. The 2017 are: Dr. Lauren Streicher, Jason Brett, Reginald Guy III and Jasmine Guy.

The celebration brought together friends of Margaret’s Village (MV) from across the Chicago area. They share an understanding that the story of Chicago is a “tale of two Chicagos” – one of economic prosperity and the other of poverty, lacking economic opportunity that leads to homelessness and high crime. These friends also share a commitment to making a difference for the residents of MV and we are grateful to all of them.

A few weeks earlier, on Sept 9th, MV hosted a Peace Fair to foster alternatives to violence by connecting children and youth to local educational and play activities that build skills and self-esteem. It was a festive day, but more importantly it achieved the goal of engaging our young participants in programs that last all year and can have a lasting impact on their lives.

Also during the month, MV held a Woman’s Forum where Dr. Lauren Streicher, Medical Director of the Northwestern Medical Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause met with residents for a discussion on women’s sexuality and to provide practical advice and information, so that they can become active and informed participants in their health care.

September was a busy month, but our work continues year-round. Margaret’s Village is thankful for our friends – staff, volunteers, board members, sponsoring partners and contributors – who generously share their time, talent, experience and treasure throughout the year.

While our mission is focused on the women, children and families we serve in the Englewood community, our hope is that our work will help to change the narrative as we strive to make Chicago a city with a story of peace and prosperity for all.

We need your help and ask you to join in our mission by donating to Margaret’s Village.