Associate Board

Every successful organization knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

Associate Board

The Margaret’s Village Associate Board is a group of young professionals committed to furthering MV’s mission. The Board helps with:

Fundraising – We host social events to raise funds for Margaret’s Village and engender a sense of community among all those who support MV’s mission

  • 2018 Happy Hour at Lagunitas Brewery
  • 2018 “Barbecue 101 and Craft Beer” tasting event at BBQ Supply Co.
  • 2018 March Madness
  • 2017 Christmas toy and clothing Drive
  • 2017 Bulls and White Sox tailgates and games

Volunteering – We organize formal volunteer events for Associate Board members to offer their time and skills

  • 2018 Spring clean-up and cookout
  • 2017 Earth Day event and cookout
  • 2016 Summer Cookout

Operational Support –  We leverage Associate Board members’ skills to provide targeted operational support

  • Technological / web site assistance
  • Assistance with annual reports
  • Strategic planning

Associate Board Members:

Amber Adams – Volunteer Committee
Nick Angel – Operations Committee
Ayrin Bell – Volunteer Committee
Colleen Burns – Operations Committee
Bridget Condon – Events Committee
Cait Coyne – Events Committee
Matt Coyne – Events Committee
Francine Dower – President
Sean Hyland
Tosha Kiss – Events Committee
Tony Klausing – Operations Committee (Chairperson), Volunteer Committee
Rasheed Mitchell – Volunteer Committee
Malisha Samarasekera – Operations Committee
Michael Tresnoskwi – Events Committee
Nick Tresnoskwi
Claire Veselik
Nikki Wegner – Operations Committee
Montrischa Williams

To learn more about joining the Margaret’s Village Associate Board, please email

Our Holiday Drive 2018 haul. We provided new clothes and toys for every child in the shelters.

Making a difference while having fun!

Take a look at some of our events and volunteer work!

  • December, 2019 – With our third annual Holiday Coat and Toy Drive, we raised over $4,000 and with that money, bought every child a new winter coat and toy.
  • September 7, 2019 – The Associate Board as volunteered at Believe Shelter on Sat., Sep. 7 from 10am-2pm. We grilled out chicken wings and had a nice lunch of homemade mac ‘n cheese with the residents!
  • May, 2019 – Lagunitas Brewery hosted the Associate Board aat its massive Chicago headquarters for a Happy Hour. Guests sipped a range of special beers brewed by Lagunitas and ate pizza from Pete’s and Homeslice.  Thanks to Chicago funk band Hot Planet who provided lively entertainment and contributed to a great atmosphere all around.
  • December, 2018 – We raised $3,500 from our Holiday Toy and Clothing Drive. Thanks to Midwestern College of Medicine for their sponsorship. With the money raised, we bought new coats/clothing/winter accessories for each of the kids at the Believe Shelter and each of the mothers and kids at the Maria Shelter, as well as a new game/toy for each of the kids at both shelters.
  • August, 2018Thanks to Lagunitas Brewery, who generously sponsored a happy hour at THE Taproom, with a birds-eye view of the brewery works. Thanks also to the bands Low Swans and LATE for performing and for all who made it out!
  • June, 2018 – We learned how to make delicious BBQ (and enjoyed it!) and sipped on donated beers at this BBQ 101 event, benefitting Margaret’s Village
  • March, 2018 – March Madness bracket event raised over $800 dollars.
  • December, 2017 – Christmas Clothing and Toy Drive supplied the shelters with over $3,500 in new coats, winter clothing, toys, and financial donations!
  • August 24, 2017 – Family and friends of the Associate Board enjoyed a White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins baseball game and pre-game tailgate with the ticket proceeds benefitting Margaret’s Village. Thanks to our sponsors: Hopewell Brewery, Baderbrau, Motor Row, and Vice Brewery District.
  • April 22, 2017 – The Associate Board hosted a cookout with the residents to celebrate Earth Day. Together, we planted a variety of flowers in Maria’s Garden.
  • February 16, 2017 – The Associate Board attended a nail biter basketball game between Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics that the Bulls won. Ticket sales benefited Margaret’s Village.
  • February 24, 2017 – Thanks to the second graders of Sacred Heart School of Chicago who held a bagel sale with proceeds benefiting Margaret’s Village.