Residents Urged to Get Involved in Civic Discourse

To Angela and the Ladies of Margaret’s Village,

I think of you in my home in England and I send love from all who marched in the Women’s March in London. I know there were over 200,000 in Chicago. We expected 20,000 here, but over 100,000 turned up: women from many countries- -all ages, colors and religions, rich and poor – walking so that there might be liberty and justice for all. Their energy and integrity remain with me. And I’m keeping my New Year’s Resolution: every single working day I contact at least one member of Congress. You can do that, too.

Don’t believe that you can’t make a difference. You are a human candle; you each can bring light from darkness. Together you ladies of Margaret’s Village are like a chandelier of beauty, and truth. That light, a chandelier miracle, is needed.

Health care, education, housing: they’re all at risk. Life will be getting harder; there will be more suffering, and that isn’t necessary. Please know that your voice and your vote matter. If every person in Chicago who is struggling contacted a member of Congress three times a week – there would be CHANGE. And though change takes time, it can happen.

Senator Durbin, Senator Duckworth, Congressman Rush: these are our employees, our public servants. If they don’t know what’s needed nothing good will happen! Every day I call, asking that health care be preserved, that the Affordable Care Act be refined, not repealed – and that Medicaid NOT be destroyed.

  • Congressman Bobby Rush 202 225 4372 773 779 2400
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth 202 224 2854
  • Senator Dick Durbin 202 224 2152

Don’t be afraid to speak. Remember Jesus? He had no job and no place to lay his head. But he changed the world. Change is needed NOW.


Susanne Sklar

Margaret’s Village Supporter