Supportive Services

Margaret’s Village provides a wealth of services including anti-violence programs; health and wellness activities including physical and psychological care and screenings, art and music therapy, yoga, and nutrition education; financial management and parenting classes; enrichment and recreational activities for children; and intergenerational projects including a community garden.

Margaret’s Village is an integral part of the community and active partner in activities to improve the quality of life for all. A major special activity is Margaret’s Village’s Annual Community Health Fair where area residents receive free medical tests, screenings, information and referrals, and participate in activities ranging from face painting to dancing.

Margaret’s Village also operates a Clothing Room to distribute free clothing items to members of the community. Volunteers from the Vincennes Senior Center organize and operate the Clothing Room, which is kept stocked through generous donations.


We need your help…

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You can help improve the lives of women, children and families in need by making a donation to Margaret’s Village.

Volunteer Volunteer

You can help with a donation of your time, too. Margaret’s Village needs volunteers for everything from carpentry to child care.

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Our growing, thriving communities need supplies, equipment, and more to keep them running.