Our Mission

Margaret’s Village is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization serving the Chicago community since 1974. Our mission is twofold: to provide transitional housing for homeless women, children and families, and to provide experiences that empower, mentor, and support women and the broader community so they can achieve their highest potential.

Margaret’s Village accomplishes its mission through its core Interim Housing program that includes two shelters:  Maria Shelter, a 50-bed facility primarily for homeless women and their children established in 1989 and located in Englewood; and Believe, a second 50-bed shelter located in South Chicago and serving families including those headed by fathers and two-parent households.

In addition to Margaret’s Village’s core operation of homeless shelters, it operates the Vincennes Senior Center (VCS) located adjacent to Maria Shelter in Englewood, which serves elder community members facing isolation and food insecurity. 


We need your help…

Donate Donate

You can help improve the lives of women, children and families in need by making a donation to Margaret’s Village.

Volunteer Volunteer

You can help with a donation of your time, too. Margaret’s Village needs volunteers for everything from carpentry to child care.

Wish List Wish List

Our growing, thriving communities need supplies, equipment, and more to keep them running.