Board of Directors

Margaret’s Village is a 501(c)(3) independent Illinois, non-profit corporation. Our volunteer board members reside in the greater Chicago area and represent a diverse range of economic, religious, professional and educational backgrounds.

Maria Hibbs, PhD
Chair of the Board

Nandita Pinisetti
Vice Chair of the Board

Laura Spizzirri
Secretary of the Board

Ann Flanagan, RSM
Treasurer of the Board

Angela Hicks
Executive Director

Janet Andersen

Kim Angel

Geraldine Gorman, Ph.D.

Alaina J. Harkness

Ann Beran Jones

Rachel Leven

Virginia McGann

Rosalyn E. Putman

Bertha Mitchell Smith

Vanessa Watts

Cheryl Wolfe, MD




We need your help…

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You can help improve the lives of women, children and families in need by making a donation to Margaret’s Village.

Volunteer Volunteer

You can help with a donation of your time, too. Margaret’s Village needs volunteers for everything from carpentry to child care.

Wish List Wish List

Our growing, thriving communities need supplies, equipment, and more to keep them running.